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In Cocinas Nerja we do any style for your kitchen....from Bohemian to Tuscan styles without forgetting the most modern and sophisticated ones. Visit our new showroom and we will help you to make true your own ideas of style.


We offer your the most amazing collection of appliances, worktops and accessories to give that final and personal touch to your kitchen. And with the best prices on the coast!...Visit us and find out yourself!


In Cocinas Nerja we take six basic steps in order to remodel your kitchen: Arranging a first meeting with Cocinas Nerja; The first meeting with us; Measuring and designing your new kitchen; Second meeting; Order; and last one, Installation.

Arranging a first meeting with Cocinas Nerja

In order to give you a better service we recommend our clients to arrange a first meeting with us, either by mail to or by phone (0034-952 523 072). You can also visit our showroom at any moment during our opening hours, which are: From Monday to Friday | 10.00 – 14.00 h. & 17.00 – 20.00 h and Saturday: 10:00 - 14:00 h.

The first meeting with us

During this first meeting you will go through our showroom together with our specialist having a look at all the options we have in doors (laminated, wood, pvc, lacquered,...); posible designs for your kitchen (L-shape, U-shape, American style, straight, with a breakfast bar,...), the type of worktop you want (granite, wood, quartz countertops...), the handles, cupboards and storage possibilities.

We will also help you to decide what appliances will suit you integrated or free standing fridge... or maybe a fridge-freezer or just a fridge with a small freezer inside. Our specialist will always advise you to make the best decision according to your kitchen style without forgetting your budget.

On this first meeting we will also decide on a date and time for our designer to go and measure your kitchen and have a look at the current distribution and design you have.

Measuring and designing your new kitchen

As said above, we will arrange a free meeting at your house by our designer to take the exact measurements of your house. He will also see the current layout of the kitchen and the possibilities to improve what you have right now. In this meeting you will also discuss the various possibilities of design.

He will then make a 3-D design using the latest design programs available, taking in account your budget, your choices in the first meeting, your preferences and needs. He will also tell you when you can come by the showroom for your second meeting where we will present you the final designs and quotations, and if not we will call you or e-mail you the time and date.

Second Meeting

When our specialist was at your house measuring he will have concerted a second meeting with you, or we have called or e-mailed you the time and date for this second meeting, to give you your design and quotation for the remodel of your kitchen.

During this meeting at Cocinas Nerja S.L we will give you different designs and possibilities for the remodel of your kitchen, we will discuss the different changes (if they exist) that you would like to make on your design, and we will give you the quotation for it. In this quotation we include all the prices for each part of your kitchen: furniture, worktop, appliances, transport and installation. On this case we can readjust the quotation by doing some changes to addapt it to your budget (if that’s the case)

Once everything has been discussed and when you have made a decision we will proceed with the order of your kitchen. This doesn’t have to be on the date of the second meeting. You can have your time to think about everything and make sure that everything is according to your idea of your dream kitchen.


if you decide to do the remodel of your kitchen with us we will proceed with the order.

We will discuss the dates you want your kitchen to be installed and also the time it will take us to deliver it to you. Usually we need at least 5 weeks for everything to be ready and installed; this is 4 weeks for all the appliances and cabinets to be ready and delivered, and 1 week for installation.

Once the order has been made and the dates for it to be delivered and installed decided we will get to the last step which will be installing your new kitchen!


As said above we need at least 4 weeks to deliver all the materials and appliances and one week to install the kitchen.


On the week before the instalation we deliver the appliances and the furniture to your home. Our appliances deliveries will do it on a Thursday and the furniture ones on Friday.


We nearly always start to install on a Monday around 10 o’clock.

On the starting day our fitter will go and start to fit all the cabinets, this usually takes up the entire morning.

On the second or third day, if you have chosen a granite or quartz worktop, we will go with our marble worker and measure the kitchen with the cabinets installed so he can take exact measurements for when the stone is cut. He will need between 3 to 4 days to cut the stone.

Once the stone is cut and polished it will be installed and the fitter will go to make the final jobs, such as installing the appliances, which are left to install at the end of the process so that they don’t suffer possible damages when installing the stone.

And that´s all! You will have your dream kitchen installed and finished after this 6 steps.

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