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In Cocinas Nerja we do any style for your kitchen....from Bohemian to Tuscan styles without forgetting the most modern and sophisticated ones. Visit our new showroom and we will help you to make true your own ideas of style.


We offer your the most amazing collection of appliances, worktops and accessories to give that final and personal touch to your kitchen. And with the best prices on the coast!...Visit us and find out yourself!


Cocinas Nerja S.L opened in 2006 and since then has been providing an excellent service remodeling kitchens throughout the area of the coast and inland of Andalusia.

Our Philosophy

In Cocinas Nerja we believe that the kitchen is the most important part of your home, so we will do anything that takes to make it look exactly like your dream kitchen.

We certainly know that remodeling a kitchen involves a lot of decisions and that´s why we help all our clients from the very beginning and we keep them advising during the whole process of the project. We always try to find the best possible solution for each individual problem and that's certainly what sets us apart.

In our shop we are constantly renovating so that you will always find to latest on kitchen doors, cabinets, handles, worktop (granite, silestone, etc.), accessories and complements to choose from for your brand new kitchen.

Have no idea of the kitchen you want?...Do not worry at all! Cocinas Nerja we´ll help you to design it according to your personal style and needs...going through all the different posibilities we can have... you won’t have to worry about anything!

Our Design Method

We use the latest technologies to make your personal kitchen design. We will show you a 3-D perspective of how your new kitchen will look like always considering the different possibilities that could fit best on the space we have.

Once the design is accepted by the client we start discussing different aspects like what type of doors and handles we want, the appliances, the worktop etc. After all those final questions have been answered we will be able to give you a first quotation that is always open to be adjusted to any personal budget. Visit our kitchen showroom in Nerja to see all the options and possibilities that your kitchen has!

You will be surprised by what you can do with a kitchen, no matter what size!

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